Home School Link Workers

Supporting all the families within our Confederation is a high priority. If you are a parent or carer and would like support please speak with your Headteacher or call in at your school office. Click here for an information leaflet to find out more about how our Home School Link Workers can support you.
The following Home School Link Workers support and work with children and families within our Confederation:
Catherine Allen Home School Link Worker.

Catherine Allen works with families of children
attending Stepgates Community School.

Stepgates Community School

01932 563022

Photo of Jennie Franny

Jennie Franey works with families of children that attend Darley Dene.

Jennie Franey
Home School Link Worker
Darley Dene Primary School
01932 847 674 / 07902 038 307

Gill Coxhead
Gill Coxhead works with families of children attending Sayes Court Primary School.
Sayes Court:
01932 845093
Karen Throgmorton Home school Link Workers Photo
Karen Throgmorton works with families of children attending New Haw Junior Schools

New Haw Junior School 01932 336571

HSLW St Paul's

Aiysha Mughal
Works with children attending St.Paul's C.O.E Primary School

St. Paul's 01932 848 528






Disclaimer: Please be aware that providing this information
does not equate to endorsement by Runnymede South
Confederation of those providers listed on this web-site.