Extra Support for your Child


Finding the key to the puzzle of getting the right support for your child

Special Educational Needs Coordinators work together to improve the support available for children and families, including those with additional needs.

If you think your child is struggling at school talk to their teacher who may refer you to the school's SENCO's.

Useful Sites/Information for parents

1) SENCO's and Home School Link Workers in schools have a wealth of advice and can signpost parents to additional services that may be needed. To download Home School Support Link Worker leaflets and visit the HSLW page click here:
2) A-Z List of useful websites for parents and carers for SEN
3) Surrey: Holiday provision for children with SEN
) Local: Ican Meath school run holiday provision - contact Meath school at: info@ican.org.uk
5) Surrey Short Breaks for Disabled Children: for more info click the link for download of brochure. Visit their facebook page here. For a list of funded organisations for short breaks click here.
6) Surrey's Family Information Service and their Parents Pages 5-19 year olds e-bulletin.
7) Open Family Services: search the national directory for childminders and nurseries.

Parent Support Groups

  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders (ADD/ADHD) -Flyer coming soon.
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) - Flyer coming soon.
  • Parenting Children with Challenging Behaviour -Under Development.
  • Surrey Partnership with Parents : Information, support and advice for parents with children with special educational needs.
  • The National Society for Autism: Providing support to those who have Autism (including Asperger Syndrome) and their families.

For a list of courses for parents in the area click here:

Home School Link Workers

What support can they offer? For more information Click here:


Speech, Language and Communication

  • Hello: Every child a talker campaign
  • ICAN Meath School : Assessing and Supporting children with Speech and Language and Communication needs including Asperger's Syndrome.
  • ICAN: We are the children’s communication charity.
  • ICAN Speech and Language Assessments: a one stop shop, holistic, independent assessment of your child by an SLT, Educational Psychologist and specialist teacher? Click here to find out more
  • Afasic: Unlocking Speech and Language
  • Speech and Language: How to help your child.

The Common Assessment Framework

The Common assessment Framework (CAF) is a key part in delivering a joined up service to families focusing on the needs of children and young people. The CAF is a standardized approach to conducting an assessment of a child’s additional needs and deciding how those needs should be met. Practitioners can use it across children’s services in England.


  • CAF:The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a key component in the Every Child Matters Change for Children programme.
  • ICan Meath: After School and Holiday Clubs, click to download.
  • Aiming High for disabled children: To be kept informed pf future of family dun day events, Contact Angie on ahdc@surreycc.gov.uk

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